Thursday, December 11, 2014

What happens when the cops are the bad guys? You get arrested.

So, I think everyone can agree that peaceful protests are better than the rioting and looting that lead to innocent people being hurt, having their property damaged, and a loss of income.

Well, everyone that is except the government.

These days the government has two jobs, and neither of them involve serving the people or the constitution. Their first directive is to serve their corporate masters (or sponsors, if you're feeling kind). The second is to cover their asses.

So with that second point in mind, lets think about Mike Brown and Eric Garner. So those two deaths have sparked protests across the country. Civic unrest is bad for the government. It causes all sorts of problems. When people start to rise up like that they challenge the status quo. The government needs to be able to put people back in their place. They have to force the quiet. Noise has the potential to disrupt the status quo.

When people protest they risk letting other people know what's going on. When that happens it's like a snowball downhill. Getting bigger, gathering momentum, eventually becoming something that can't help but crush everything in its path.If that were to happen? The government would lose control, radical change would be forced through. That change would cause the corporate puppet masters to lose their unmitigated control of the country.

So what happens when the people start pushing at those restraints? When people start protesting? Start crying out? Start risking others finding their voices?

Over the past several weeks undercover officers in Oakland began infiltrating a group of protesters. The officers weren't part of Oakland Police Department. They were part of an outside organization that has yet to be disclosed. During a peaceful protest last night those officers attempted to incite the crowd to looting and rioting. When the cops were outed, one of them drew a gun on the crowd. There are conflicting reports. If you listen to the protesters one of the cops was assaulted after his partner drew the gun. If you listen to the cops he was assaulted before his partner drew the gun.

That's going to be the story. The story is going to be that one cop was assaulted and the other drew his weapon. Regardless of whether the gun was drawn before or after a police officer was assaulted the assault of a cop and another cop drawing his gun shouldn't be the story. The story, the real story, is two cops trying to incite looting and rioting. The reason that the assault and gun are going to be the story is because the realization that cops were trying to incite looting and rioting would have horrific consequences.

So why would the police be using undercover cops to incite looting and rioting? Simple. Discredit the protesters, shift the story away from the wrong doings of the police and make the story about violent protesters destroying private property. Turn the protesters into something that no one will listen to. Turn the protesters into the enemy. The massed voice of the people is the only thing the government has to fear. The gathering of those voices is what casting the protesters in the role of the villains is meant to prevent.

Your government is lying to you. Your government is trying to deceive you. Your media is working with them. Inform yourself. Don't believe anything they tell you. Educate yourself. Your country is falling to the sharks. It is being taken over, and taken from you. Your constitution is being destroyed and reimagined as something to oppress you. Corporations are being given more power. police are being used to turn us against one another. If nothing else that is enough reason to start distrusting everything your media tells you.

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  1. Heard a great quote the other day : how can you trust a media that has become little more than a stenographer for the Government's whims?